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 Funny Event-Hidding Someone.

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PostSubject: Funny Event-Hidding Someone.   Mon May 26, 2008 6:22 pm

Hi admins.Gms And everyone .
This is Kingdom back again.
I wanna post an idea that could be nice to an event.
As you can see this is mi idea:Hidding someone.
What is about:
-The admins or gm will hide someone on a city like devias,noria,devias,lorencia, or stadium that are the cities that have houses and crazy places to hide.
-They will say the name of the character then were is he hidding(which citie), and the first one that find him win something(that is part of Admin or GMs). cyclops

Well thats was my idea Smile.
This is kingdom logging off. study
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Funny Event-Hidding Someone.
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